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Alabama Cougar

Also known as the Eastern Cougar and the Florida Panther


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Cougars require alot of territory, males sometimes cover as much as 80 to 200 square miles and females 50 to 80 square miles. Of course this depends upon what type of habitat that they have. Amount of food, cover and security would probably determine the size of the area.


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Black Panther

Although there are many reports of black panthers in Alabama, we have never had a “native” Black Panther population in America or the State of Alabama. There has never been any empirical evidence of a black Cougar. Black phases occur in Jaguars and Leopards both african and asian types, and if they are here, someone has released them. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that there aren’t any out there, because there is a good possibility that there are! All these reports can’t be overlooked. Many are made by very intelligent people that know what they are seeing. All I’m saying is they aren’t here naturally, someone had to bring them here. Always report your evidence to your local conservation officer and then to us!




Bob cats are sometime mistaken for a cougar. Remember size, spots, short tail, and sharp ears. A bobcat weighs around 20 to 25 pounds, rarely there will be one that is a little larger.

A cougar weighs 100 to 200 pounds. Females from 80 to 110 and males will reach 200 pounds or larger.

A cougar will lose its spots when its around a year old. A bobcat will keep its spots for life. Just remember size! short tail, spots and sharp ears.



Many people believe that there were small populations of the eastern cougar remained in some areas that were far off the beaten path from everyday traffic and human activity. In Fla the Everglades was one of these places that was not accessable to people for a long time. There the Fla Panther began a rebound and was rediscovered in the late 1960’s.

Since then the population has more than doubled. Now, more than half of the eastern states and Canada have confirmations. Populations of cougar in Texas have grown and expanded into eastern Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Ind, Michigan and others, With credible reports in many others.

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Now is the time to learn about this wonderful animal and learn to live with them, Please help protect this wonderful animal.